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Dyane Nowlan

Born in St.Quentin, New Brunswick, in 1955. Dyane evolves in an environment devoid of art. She, nevertheless, benefits from a familial heritage rich in artistic talent.

Impassioned by drawing, Dyane continues to sample its perfume but without fulfillment. At 50 years of age, she decides to invest herself in a quest to learn its secrets at a local university, attending classes with students half her age. She would discover a source of energy and personal fulfillment above her expectations. She would also discover a talent deserving of perfection, which she is pursuing at the Da-Li School of Art.

My art is my passion,

My canvas… my vision,

My inspiration… my adventure.

Vine tomato
$ 220.00 Huile sur canvas 12 X 10
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Le nouveau-né
$ 600.00 Acrylique sur toile 43 X 58
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Huile sur toile
$ 220.00 Huile sur toile 12 X 10
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$ 280.00 Acrylique sur toile 12 X 16
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