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Marcel Fecteau

True and unique, Marcel Fecteau charms us with the profound harmony that exists in his works. His landscapes reconcile us with nature, too often deformed by man's vanity. master painter, his drawings show a great knowledge of balance, quite essential to composition. Light, so very important in his work, does not hold secrets anymore. If we follow his career, we start on a wonderful voyage. Fecteau knows how to show human beings at their most natural in their surroundings.

$ 25 Lithographie 16 p/in X 20 p/in
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Journée d'été
$ 25 Lithographie 20 p/in X 17 p/in
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Patineurs sur la rivière Nicolet
$ 2100.00 huile 20 X 16
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Le St Louis
$ 3000.00 Huile 24 X 24
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