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Nicole Landry

She was born in Edmunstton,N.B. in 1950.At an early age,she
had a great interest to,one day, be part in the artistic world.
She graduated from Moncton University,N.B. IN 1972 to finally be part in the work force and to start a family.
Self-tought painter, she practice her art from 1992 to 2003 with popular local artists.
It’s in 2004 that she joinedDa-Li school were she studied drawing and oil painting.She gave a huge effort to master forms and color so she can follow her inspirations.
She participated in varius art group exhibitions,for example, at the Public Library and at the art gallery N.B. Services.
Her paintings are found permanently in the Da-Li art gallery in Grand Falls,N.B.
In 2006,she participated in the N.B.North West Visual Art Symposium and hope to have a long career in the futur.

$ 280.00$ Huile 16/Po. X 12/Po
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Cour arrière
$ 360.00 Huile 20 X 16
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Rencontre d'artistes
$ 320.00 Huile 18 X 14
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Ski de fond en mars
$ 320.00 Huile 18 X 14
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Plaisir d'hiver
$ 210.00 Huile 12 X 9
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